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Here I will post things that I found interesting or funny, but may have nothing to do with my Jeep.
... or maybe it does have something to do with my Jeep ... lol

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My Jeep needs me ... (01/17/2009)

Just seems lately something is out to keep me from working on the jeep. The new place does not have any decent place to work on the rig, so I am trying to create a make-shift spot till I can do something better. And if that was not enough, work has me up to my eyeballs in problems to solve, so is eating up a lot of time that I could be using better.

Hopefully I can catch a break and get back to my fun soon.


Puzzled (06/10/2008)

Well I finally got the carb back together and it is still being stubborn and won't start.
Now I am going to try checking the timing again when I have the time. Seems here lately I am spending more time at work that at home. And with gas prices the way they are going I am not too sure that it not running is such a bad thing. At least I can't be tempted to go cruising around in the desert everyday in it.

It starts! (10/30/2008)

Got new fuel lines run to the carb and got it to start, just need adjust the idle speed.
Now it is evident that there is something else wrong, either a blown head gasket, a cracked head, or the worst thouhgt, a cracked block.
I am hoping for the blown head gasket, but won't have time to find out till I finish the move to out new house.

Latest Update (2/16/2008)

I have spent the past week working on the Jeep

I have finshed up a few of my on going projects and am close to having back on the road.

I have put in the helper springs, finished up the 3" body lift, and loomed the wires for the underside rock crawling lights.
I have even odered my new rims, which should be here this week, so I can put the new rubber on.

Now I need to get my behind in gear and replace the water pump so I can start driving it aqgain.

What next? (4/12/2008)

Seems every time I think I am almost ready to put the Wagoneer back on the road, I find a new problem.
My latest appears to be some sort of carb problem. Spark plugs are covered in fluffy black stuff. I am guessing that since it was a bit abused before I got it, and now that I have been doing my thing it has been sitting, that most likely the carb float is stuck. So I guess my next project will be to pull the carb and rebuild it on the bench.

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