Snowbird - Wish List

Here is where I will attempt to flesh out my thoughts on what direction I would like to take while building Snowbird Hunter.
(Careful - it is a long list ... lol)

Suggestions or Comments?

If anyone has any comments or suggestions that might make things a bit easier, or cooler, just drop me a line here and let me know.

Body lift with polyurethane body mounts

3" with polyurethane body mounts

(Got the lift but will have to do the poly's later)

Suspension lift

6 inch, all-Springs - NO BLOCKS! most likely from BJ's Off-Road

**UPDATE** - I am thinking of not going higher than I am now, just going all springs and no blockes.

Brake line

Stainless Steel extensions

Custom interior lighting

To include "Wire-Lights" and under seat / dash neons, all in purple

Dual shocks

(have not decided which ones yet ... any suggestions?)

Front bumper

Custom built steel bumper with place for a winch.

Rear bumper

Custom built steel bumper.

Nerf bars

Custom built, maybe.

Roof rack

"Safari-style" rack.


LED "semi-truck style" brake, turn, clearance and back-up lights, mounted in the bumpers

Dash panel

Aluminum dash panel with electronic gauges

Floor boards


High Cross-Over steering

With custom drag link

5 panel "Wink" mirror

If I can still find them.

Part-Time kit for transfer-case

Including overdrive maybe.


On floorboards, roof, side and door panels

Dual steering stabilizer

Will have to custom make it to work the way I have in mind.

Headers with dual exhaust

"Bass Shakers"

Mounted at each passenger location

(If I can find them any more)

Custom paint job

Metallic Charcoal Gray and Metallic Purple (Maybe some air brush work)

Retro-fit a 33 gal. Bronco gas tank

This is currently in the works soon, hopefully.

On-board air

Convert an additional A/C compressor to supply on-board air, air tank located under near gas tank, lines and connectors like those used for NOS systems

(Have most parts, just need to finish the lift so I can install the tank)
**UPDATE** - This is currently in the works.

Hydro boost brake system

Need to find all the parts.

Custom-built speaker boxes

Going to build custom boxes.

High-Angle CV front shaft

High-Angle CV rear shaft

With long travel slip

Dana 20 T-case

with Twin stick shifter which will allow me a larger selection of gearing.

Ring and pinion gears

Front and rear. I am going with 4.56 gears.

Racing-Style front seats

Front seats only, rear will remain the flip bench seat.

**UPDATE** - Going to put in 4 seats and eliminate the folding rear seat.

4 point racing harnesses

All four seats.

Multiple battery system

with 1 in engine compartment and 2 "Optima"-types mounted in spare tire location

Front mounted winch


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