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Here is where I will keep things posted that affect the building of My Wagoneer.


Getting even closer!

Got the water pump put in and re-routed the tranny cooler lines so they miss the fan.
Now all I need it to get over being sick, get a new battery, add some new fluids and I should have it on the road.

So here is to hoping this bug I got goes real soon.


I keep finding more problems. The lastest difficulty seems to be something with the carb.
After I fixed the water pump it was very difficult to start up, so I thought it might be a head gasket just from the way it was acting.
So when I pulled the spark plugs they showed signs of a fuel problem, so I guess this will be the next thing to trace down.


Well seems the carb is not the problem with the Wagoneer. Bench built the carb and still can not get it to start, beginning to think it is trying to get even with me for something. Hopefully I can track down the difficulty and get it on the road soon .... I am starting to have withdrawals.


Seems that between the heat, and the fact that I am spending more time at work and less at home, I am going to be working on this thing for ever.

I am trying to enlist the help of my buddy to get things moving. Funny how when everyone else needs help I am "the only one who can help", but when I need a hand no one is available. I am thinking I am going to be a little less "available" until I start getting a bit of help now and then.


Finally got Married.

I know it does not have a lot to do with the Wagoneer, but it does mean that it will be one notch lower on the financial priorities list.

I do have to admit though, she is worth every bit.


Finally got the new site done, posted, and running!!

I hope every one enjoys it.


Still working on the lift kit and the add-a-leaf.

Things are held up a bit until I can get some needed equipment, like some jack stands tall enough for the Jeep.


Finally got the new tires and rims put on, as well as, finshed up the rock crawling lights.

Now when I get off my butt, do the motor mounts and water pump, I can start driving.


Finally got to make a run in the Jeep.

Discovered that the transfer case shift linkage was not hooked up, so could not shift into low range, but considering that the trail was rated at about a 2 out 5, and that most of the rigs in my 4x4 club are samurais and CJ's, I think the Wagoneer kept up very well.

Definitely need to think about raising it up some to increase the departure angle so it does not drag as bad.


Financial situations have kept me from doing anything other than general up keep.

Hopefully soon that will change, so I can get back to enjoying working on it. I have a lot of things I want to do.


Made it out on another run today with the club. Helped mark the trail for our up-coming Poker run.

The Jeep ran good. No dragging (at least not after I removed the rear bumper) and even got to shift into low range (once). But all in all it was a very good run.


Seems I have been working so hard I have not been able to do any work on the Jeep.

I have been able to buy a few things so that when I get the time I will be ready.

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