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Here I will give a run down of the projects as I complete them, maybe even include a few pictures when I can.

Technical Information

If you are looking for in depth information, check out my Tech Page for more info.

11/04/2007 - Rock Crawling Lights

Here are the pics so far. All that is needed is to loom the wires and tuck them out of the way.

Pic05a Pic05b

02/16/2008 - Helper Springs

One more project done.
Hope to have more soon.

Pic06a Pic06b

9/24/2007 - Installing Body lift

Finally got around to putting in the body lift I had bought earlier.

Got the blocks in, but I am still working on all the little things that go with it (relocate transmission cooler line at radiator, filler panels to cover the gap in the inner fender wells, etc.)

9/26/2007 - Rock Crawling Lights

Now with the lift underway, I can also start looking for where to install the rock crawling lights underneath.

These should not be dificult to install, just pretty much a matter of aiming them is all.

10/3/2007 - Tailgate

Started working on the tail gate by tracing down the wiring and checking for voltage.

Found voltage all the way up to the rear key switch. And after some research, found that sometimes when the key switch goes out it keeps the front switch from working as well. Since the switch is a pain to replace, and I don't use it anyways, I am going to by-pass the rear switch and use just the switch on the dash.

11/22/2005 - On-Board Air

Started getting stuff, but no time till after the season to work on it.

Bought the tank and got an A/C compressor off of a Samuri, plus a few odds and ends.

(Hopefully this will all happen soon)

12/19/2005 - 3" Body Lift

Bought it, but won't have time to install it until much later.
(Found out that I will need new rims in order for the rear wheels to clear the springs)

2/8/2006 - Helper Springs

Got a set of helper springs for the rear.

These should help level out the rear until I get to the point of adding the 6" spring lift.

5/31/2005 - CB w/twin antennas

(Not much of a project but was a start ... lol)

Mounted C. B. on top of dash and routed coax out the firewall and along the frame.

7/16/2005 - Primer coat

(No body work yet, just making it look an even color)

Just using spray can primer for now, until body work in done.

10/17/2005 - Transfer-case linkage

Added a lock collar to the linkage to keep it from popping off.

Now, hopefully, I can actually USE the low range ... maybe soon I can get lower gears for it.

First I will need to replace all the vacuum lines going to the t-case.

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